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Naya has been featured in podcasts, international outlets, university news and more.

View the resources below:

WBLS Women's HERStory Month _ Naya Hutchinson

WBLS Women's HERStory Month | Naya Hutchinson

Podcast Interview

Passion, Joy, and Representation in the Dance World with Naya Alexis

WBLS Circle of Sisters

WBLS Circle of Sisters 2021


The Ailey School: BFA Class of 2021


Lauren-Frances Wood's Project: Conscious and Subconscious Qualities of Movement

Review and Interview

Alvin Ailey's Benefit Unveiled in a New Virtual Environment


Ailey/Fordham Dance Scholars: Denise Jefferson Memorial Scholarship


From Dance to Public Media: Scholarship Recipient Reimagines Her Craft

Press Inquiries

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